Friday, 20 March 2009

Fine Art Practise Consolidation

I have now been given my brief for my last project of the year - I can't believe how quickly my first year of University has gone, it really scares me.

The aim of this module is to consolidate all of my ideas and approaches that I have been developing.

I think I need to create a list of everything I aim to get done over the next couple of weeks.
- Study Proposal (for a small body of work which will be exhibited in the studios)
- To fill 2 small A6 sketchbooks and possibly an A5. One Sketchbook is for any photography linked in with the project and the other is for anatomical designs both montaged and sewn.
- To continue with my log book - more independent research is needed in there.
- My review of the Ikon Gallery.
- My essay (1500 words). I am yet to decide which question is right for me.

The reason I am attempting to do a fair amount of work over the easter holidays is because I am not a very organised person and I tend to leave things till last minute and with such a short time period for a project (little over three weeks), I need all the extra time on the project that I can manage. 

I am a bit unsure in which direction I shall be going in the culmination of my work. There were three definite areas of my work. I had;
- Old anatomical drawings rearranged and then sewn.
- Old dictionary pages worked on.
- Old postcards, and new images taken by me and merged in with the photographs.

I am not sure whether to continue with all three or go down one path.


  1. good luck with the project, I always left things to last minute too which is why I ended up writing a disertation in a weekend!

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