Thursday, 19 March 2009

Philosophising about the whys and wherefores.

I have been trying (unsuccessfully I may add) for months, to keep up a diary of sorts for my Personal Development Program(me?) part of my first year University Course. I have everything written down in my diary but I have no space in there to expand - and so I think that online blogging would be much simpler. However, as with much of my life, I get distracted my everything and anything, therefore by the time I remember about my blog again, I have forgotten was website I started on. 

And so - My third blog begins, and hopefully shall remain slightly more successful. I shall be entering entries dated from before this and so I'm not sure whether to keep this page in or not - we shall see.

I started off the academic year on a Fine Art and Illustration course. From the beginning I realised that I belonged much more in the Fine Art side. Illustration was alarmingly more hectic (I am a procrastinator of the best sorts) and took up so much of my time, that by the end of term I unfortunately realised that I had done far too little Fine Art work. 

Then the next term began. 

I dropped Illustration a couple of weeks into term. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I still decided to spend a bit more time thinking about it.

With Illustration dropped, I had much more time to spend on developing my ideas, researching artists and attempting the project.

(Unfortunately I am attempting to sum up two terms worth of work in this one blog so it is about to become increasingly longer and more boring, I pray to be forgiven).

I am bad - extremely bad, at time management and this term pretty much flew. I had just a few weeks left and I decided to try and attempt to change my outlook, I am pessimistic at the best of times. I drew up a tick list of sorts and attempted to tick everything off. 

Then along came Sunday and I realised that although I had come further than I expected - I still had so many ideas I wished to per sue. Unfortunately, not even staying up all night would allow me but I at least began the development of some pieces. (photos shall come at a later stage, perhaps I shall take some later on today when I go into University).

On monday I handed in my 2nd Terms work. I know I still have not managed enough bulk to my work, but I do think that my practical work was far more successful. I feel that towards the end of the Term I have begun to develop a better approach to my work and therefore am eagerly anticipating my newest project which I am given today.

This new eagerness has lead me to begin this (hopefully) slightly more successful blog.

Also on a sidenote, I have used an A3 sketchbook for my last projects and I have now decided that A4 or possibly smaller (maybe 2?) would be far more beneficial to my work ethic - And far less scary to fill!

[p.s - thanks Ali, your facebook message reminded me of my need for a blog - and gave me a decent webpage to host it on]

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