Thursday, 19 March 2009

Renewing a book 3 times - a love?

May Ray is just one of those people, who to me, is just pure inspiration. Provocative, raunchy, yet exquisite photography. Undeniable talent and an eye for that which some of us might bypass just as easily as one might bypass someone in the street.

I have always been a fan but on a visit to the Ikon Gallery recently (I will possibly post my review on the gallery soon - not impressed on current exhibitions though. Minimalism - I just DON'T get it, quite simply), I had a thorough browse through the book shop, the most fascina
ting part of the gallery in my opinion. I saw a lovely little book on Man Ray, and with the discount in there at the time it was incredibly cheap. I also bought another fascinating book - Art Now. I thoroughly recommend it. Beautiful pictures and such an insight into the current art world.

Back to Man Ray. I love his nudes. I painted an image of myself inspired by his work. This is 
the photograph:

(I shall photograph my work as soon as I find that it is finished)

However, when we had our group crit, I felt like it was unduly criticised by members of my group - they seemed over the top offended by what I would hardly class as a nude, the majority of the photograph is burnt out leaving a small section of myself visible - mainly my face. Hardly cause for what I would describe as an overly heated debate. Paranoia, perhaps, but I did not see either the justification for the comments which, to me, were those of; Why are you painting a self portrait, are you really that happy with yourself, do you find it difficult to paint yourself, do you think that you painted yourself in a rather idealistic way. 

Again and again I found myself repeating the sentence, I painted an image, it happened to be myself, however, I saw it as an image and not a self portrait.


But then again, what use is a blog if you cannot extract your inner anger!

These images were what I originally started with for this project. I had recently had a lecture on surrealism - fascinating, I would need an entire blog for that. But this was the basis to my new project. I borrowed a lovely book from the library on surrealism called surrealism - desire unbound. Truly fascinating reading, in fact, I have renewed it 3 times now - I just cannot bear to put it back. Time to buy myself a copy? 

The image which started off this route in my work was a piece by Jaques-Andre Boiffard. (Image to come soon). Very similar to Man Ray, but perhaps a bit softer?

Must dash now - time for my lecture and to find out my latest project, must remember to purchase sketchbooks whilst I am there.