Thursday, 30 April 2009

5 days and counting until this project is handed in

This blog, which I actually started for my PDP work is supposed to finish on Friday (Handing in time) However, I have actually enjoyed writing things down and reflecting upon things I do in life and also being able to engage upon other people's Blogs and receive support back. Which means that I shall be carrying on with it.

Right back to matters in hand. I have been really ill since about saturday - Had the flu and the addition of an ear infection which had left me tired and unable to sleep, therefore not in a fit state to work the next day. Which has meant that I am fairly behind with all my work, I do not wish to delay the project and so will probably not per-sue an extension.

My main piece is started, I will upload a quick sketch but it is basically a portrait of the upper half of a woman (Side view) which will have various parts of the skeletal frame visible. At the moment I have decided upon the jaw bone, spine and hand to be bone.

One thing I am unsure of is how to display these skeletal parts. I am hugely interested in old medical pictures and anatomical drawings with all the latin words surrounding the drawings and I am contemplating developing my painting in a similar way. So far I have done the face and hat the woman is wearing - I am using Oil paints which I am very new to, so this is a challenge for me to begin with. However it is going better than I anticipated and I have had a couple of positive remarks on it so far, now I just need to finish it!

I painted a light background last night, I had originally wanted the board cut in an oval shape - much like the old style photographs -however as I have already started painting and do not wish to ruin this, I have decided to paint the background and darken around the edges to give the illusion of an oval.

My second painting which I have started is taken from a photograph which I have found in a medical textbook. The textbook itself has amazing photographs in it - colour ones of the human body. This particular picture shows the muscles of the face and even though I should feel disgusted by it, it just fascinates me entirely.

I am then aiming to combine ideas I have discovered through looking for artists who involve the human body and anatomy within their studies. Kate Street's work, in particular, excites me as she produces work wherein the subject is debatable. 
Kate Street’s botanically themed drawings play on bizarre taxonomies and classifications, creating new hybrid forms that simultaneously recall anatomical studies and mutated Victorian etchings. The Orchis series, which evoke an ancient Greek belief that orchids sprung from the spilt semen of mating animals, once again illustrates Street’s interest in notions of desire, longing, and the absurdity that often accompanies it. These considered drawings, which can be read as a beautiful Memento mori, reflect once again parallels between nature and artifice.

I wish to experiment with combining nature to my anatomical studies. However I wish to use larger parts of the body, not smaller parts which become entangled with the botanical drawings.

I believe that I have come to a good point within this project. I feel as though I have direction, which sometimes, for me, is quite hard to come by. Being such a short project, I believe, has made this achievable for me. Longer deadlines mean things become spaced out which means that often, the lack of pressure equals an inability to produce large amounts of work as I become lost in the project.


  1. Lottie,

    I live near Coventry so if you ever do an exhibition, do let us know on here so I can come along!


  2. I definitely will :) I've missed this years unfortunately because of having tonsilitis :( But I shall make sure to let you know about the next one we do! xx

  3. Hello Lottie, thanks for popping by my blog, love having visitors ;o) I am still getting the hang of Twitter, just found out I can use it with my mobile for free at the moment, so cool. I'll look out for you x