Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I can't believe how long it is since I last blogged!! This summer has just swept me off my feet and I have had barely any time to even think about writing!

Well I think the highlight of June was most definitely Download. It was, I may add, possibly even the best weekend of the year! Last year was fanta
stic but this year's lineup really blew it away into the next galaxy.

I finally got to see Motley Crue! They were truly phenomenal, those and Def Leppard were the greatest moments of Download. Journey were also fantas
tic, Arnel Pineda surpassed my greatest expectations and really gave a new life into the band. He was perfect throughout the entire set.

Well enough chattering about Download! Just going to le
ave you with a group photo. I am the at the bottom on the right with the crazy pink hair, not the nicest pic of me ever.....

I have been making a few bits and pieces, I shall have to upload pictures later this evening. I have made my mother a small necklace holder as she has been going on and on about wanting one. It's not perfect but it definitely looks better than the key holder it started off life as!!

I also bought some cheap (£2!!!!) canvas shoes from primark which I have decorated with fabric paint. Again....Picture soon I promise!!

A painting is in progress as we speak as well. Hopefully that will be completed by the end of the week!!

Lottie x