Tuesday, 20 October 2009

how does time fly so fast?

Wow, I'm really disappointed in myself! I never seem to be able to write more than 1 post every two months....Ahh well. Right well, I'm back at uni in my new house! I'm sharing it with 3 other people, one of whom is best friend :) he's lovely! And although we like clean and tidy, apparently the other two don't....so I seem to spend more time cleaning the house than I spend making things and doing work... Never fun! I now know how my mother feels half the time!

I'm also ill... as per usual. I think I'm one of those people who is just susceptible to anything and everything that is going around, and even those things that are not!

I realllly really wanted to buy some gorgeous boots from topshop but I just couldn't justify spending £75 on them when I have quite a few boots already. I think I'm going to keep an eye out on ebay for them or something similar thought. I think £30-40 will be my budget. I can't find them on the website to show you :(. I shall keep you updated on the shoe front though!

Speaking of boots, my boyfriend bought me these amazing Dr. Martens for my birthday. I only own one other pair of docs, some bright pink ones *squeel*. However, I got very jealous when I saw my friend wearing these. They are my latest must haves!!

Ahh I have lots and lots of uni work to do this term but I am determined to keep on top of it this time and get everything done before the deadline!! Especially as my grades this year affect my degree.

Over and out!